“Young Talents” training in Zijin, China

As part of its CSA-ITT-00014-Young Talents Management project, the Kamoa Copper SA Company in collaboration with MD Services SARL, initially selected 91 young finalists from the universities of Kolwezi, Likasi, and Lubumbashi, to be trained for various jobs of its new Foundry, one of the largest Copper and Cobalt factories in the world.
The training took place in three phases: the first on the Kamoa site (Kansoko), the second at Commus and Lualaba Copper Smelter SAS (LCS) and the third phase will take place at Zijin Mining Group in China.
The first group of 44 Young Talent apprentices flew to China on April 1, 2024, where they will follow six months of training in a corporate context within the Zijin foundry, recognized as the first company in Chinese mining.

The second group made up of 45 apprentices took the flight on 04/02/2024.

After this immersion training, the 89 Young Talents will be ready to face the career path, to work with professionalism in the Kamoa foundry (Kakula-Kansoko Project).
The rigorous compliance with different stages, the successes achieved, and the work of several stakeholders, constitute the fruit of the determination of the management team of Kamoa Copper and that of MD Services; especially the total involvement of the Managing Director of the latter.
To ensure better supervision of Young Talents, the Kamoa Copper Company has designated seven supervisors who traveled, will stay, and will return with them.

Soon, Kamoa Copper plans to travel to Zijin another group of around 102 learners whose training in the DRC will soon begin in mid-April. The first group of 89 as well as that of 102 learners will undergo a practical immersion in the foundry for 6 months.