Safety & Health

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Safety and Health

We ensure safety, health, and environmental protection, especially in the working environment.
Health and safety are important because they protect the well-being of employees and/or visitors. We provide proper work equipment and adequate personal protective equipment [PPE] to help protect workers from health or safety hazards on the job site.

Security services

Besides outsourcing, we offer our expertise and vast knowledge policy, economic, social of the business climate in the DRC with an advisory and support service of facilitation to multinational corporations, governments and individuals wishing to operate in the DRC in the following sectors:

Water and Forestry
Expertise and labour industry
Road transport, aircraft and related industry
Tourism and Hospitality
Supply of mining equipment and consumables industry

The DRC according to the World Bank has the potential to the richest country in Africa with untapped agricultural resources, including a huge potential in the mining of the following minerals: coltan, cobalt, zinc, copper, gold, magnesium, diamond etc.

MDS provides a bridge over the morass of business challenges encountered in the DRC and safely guide entities to a seamless integration of a company to operate in a difficult and regulatory environment that has immense bureaucracy.

The company provides not only an opportunity for the enterprises to operate in the country, but also provides a database of skilled and unskilled people.

Currently, we accompany Kibali Gold Mining in Eastern Province since its genesis in different branches of business and also assist Group Five in its supply chain. These companies among many others can attest over the credibility, integrity consistency of our work and the reliability of our Services