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MD Services is a 100 % Congolese Company specialized in staff recruitment and the management of Human Resources which, over the year, has built a flawless reputation throughout the entire DRC and has become the leading company of several operating companies in DRC, particularly, in the mining sector, cement, oil, and exploration.

We are the ideal partner to help you access business opportunities in the region. MD Services is well positioned and well connected as an influential leader in the region, with the ability to connect you with the right people at every level, ensuring the door to new opportunities in the DRC opens effortlessly. We intend is to promote the DRC and our unique services to the global market to create business opportunities that make sense to all stakeholders involved.

Today, MD Services is acknowledged as the best human resource management company in the mining sector, having been formally recognized for its achievements at the 2016 DRC Mining Week conference. MD Services has built a proven track record of success in the DRC and across the African continent with his award-winning team of experts.


Following the quality of our service thus having gained the trust of our many clients.


We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect.


Our company develops a unique dynamically and keeps in step with the times.
The Best Industry And Company Services

Why invest in DRC?

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a country that offers abundant opportunities for all foreign companies, through its unique biodiversity, vast minerals and forest resources, rich soil conducive to agriculture, large population base, and generally open trading system. Navigating your way to success in the DRC can be achieved if you partner with a local company that knows and understands the landscape.

Our services


Our recruitment process is in line with job vacancies and meets the needs of our clients.

Training of staff

We provide continuous training and retraining to all employees, internally and/or externally. Training is important because it improves the skills, abilities, and knowledge of employees.

Contracts Management

We grant employment contracts by the job offers. We manage employees, from the recruitment process to the termination of the contract.

Supervising and coordination of activities

We provide permanent supervision of personnel provided to the clients and assist them in the evaluation of employees’ efficiency. Moreover, we supervise employees’ daily assignment

Payroll and compensation

We help and provide the following services: • Wages calculation and other benefits • Pre-financing of the salary • Employees’ salary payment through MD Services

Taxes & Contributions of social institutions

We help and provide the following services: • Tax return and payment to the government • Income and international personnel taxes

Disciplinary files

For our employees to work in a healthy environment, we ensure that all disciplinary files are properly followed by applying adequate sanctions by Congolese legislation and the labor code

Prevention and resolution of labour disputes

Grievances and conflicts are an inevitable part of the working relationship.

Safety & Health

We ensure safety, health, and environmental protection, especially in the working environment.
Building The Future, Restoring The Past

True professionals

We mobilize. allocate and manage human resources for an optimal implementation of the following activities:

Supply Logistics
Transport, receiving, inventory & distrubtion
Transformation of raw materials into finished products, construction, assembly
Logistics Marketing
Collection, inventory & distribution of finished products to the customer
Maintenance of facilities
Security & guarding offices, warehouses, residences, etc.

Dedicated Customer Teams & An Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency, and compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.

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