MD Services, a 100% Congolese company specializing in personnel management, marked its presence at the Mining Indaba Forum held at the Convention Center in Cape Town, South Africa from May 9 to 12, 2022.
During the three days, the strong delegation of MD Services made up of gentlemen Santos-Concorde Rubuye, Serge Mudogo Lwanga, Joesteve Ayurambi, Auguy Kitoko, and Madame Victoria; has combined courage, talent, and expertise to present the strengths of the MD Services Company, whose main activity is human resources management, providing various partners with a well-selected and competent national and expatriate workforce.
Among the exhibitors, a space was reserved for MD Services and Mrs. Victoria capitalized on this opportunity to display all the services of MD Services and the benefit of her choice as a provider and manager of the workforce. And the many contacts made will make it possible to establish, in the near future, new partnership relations that will join its rich and wide range.